With all of your agriculture and grower information in a single enterprise system you will find that you are infinitely more efficient in the performance of your job. ExtendAg can help take some of the stress out of the busy and hectic harvest.

Ag Managers face several challenges

Most ERP systems do not meet the needs of agriculture, grower or supplier managers. Critical harvest and delivery information is not available when and where it is needed – seriously impacting processing yields

Without visibility to raw product quality and quantity information, plant operations can be slowed or even interrupted. Grower Relations and Ag Departments are using disconnected “systems” for managing a host of activities.


Companies that work directly with suppliers of fruit (such as peaches, pears, apricots, apples, grapes and berries) and vegetables (such as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn and carrots) have successfully integrated ExtendAg into their businesses.

All field or agriculture department personnel can have limited or full access to current and accurate information regarding growers and the delivery of raw product to one, or several food manufacturing facilities. Harvesting, receiving, weighing and grading personnel all use the system, which assists in the full automation of these processes.

Growers can go online and view their delivery information or even receive their statements electronically, so that ag managers and grower accounting staff can spend their time doing the things that return real value to the business.

ExtendAg is, as the name implies, a cloud-based enterprise-wide crop, raw product and grower management extension of a food manufacturer’s ERP system.

The functionality of this fully integrated application includes grower contracting, crop estimating, planting schedules (annual crops), food safety and pesticide compliance checking, harvest tracking, raw product receiving and grading, raw product inventory, and grower and hauler payments. No other system on the market has the breadth and depth of features for the supply side of a food processor’s business.

The application is deployed over the Internet and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Many field personnel log into the system at home or on the road to help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Standing behind this world-class product is a highly-experienced team of professionals who understand the challenges of transforming a raw product into either finished goods or bulk ingredients for further manufacturing.

ExtendAg delivers operational efficiencies. This is backed up with factual data and testimonials from our customers.

With everyone on the same page, and using a single supplier and raw product management system, a number of tedious and laborious tasks can be eliminated -- including maintaining and reconciling multiple redundant applications, as well as validating data entries.

ExtendAg delivers value throughout the organization by improving grower relations through better communications and transparency. It enhances brand protection and mitigates the risk of product recalls through an extensive pesticide application compliance checking system. Plant operations can be optimized by delivering real-time visibility of harvest activities. And it saves hours of time that ag personnel previously had to spend in managing their systems and data.

ExtendAg pricing is determined by modules required and crop type(s), and dependent upon the number of people and facilities in the organization that requires access to it. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, it is available for an annual subscription fee--as opposed to a fixed and up-front capital investment. Implementation, training, data transfer, system enhancements and testing services are billed on an “as needed” basis at a reasonable rate. Our customers tell us that the return they experience in integrating ExtendAg into their businesses far exceeds the system price, and their employees appreciate utilizing this valuable tool.