Whether it is growing the business or continuously improving operations your people will need the tools to achieve the goals you set for them. ExtendAg is the leading crop, raw product and grower management ERP “extension” delivering farm-to-processor traceability.

Executives consider many business-hindering challenges

Most ERP systems do a great job of managing the downstream or finished goods side of a food processor’s business. It is on the supply side that there are challenges that, all too often, are managed through the extensive use of spreadsheets, paper files, phone calls and texts, custom databases, and obsolete applications.

The absence of an enterprise-wide system introduces inefficiencies, confusion, risks and costs in the management of crop, raw product and grower information. Processing yields are impacted without access to valid and timely harvest information. Growing the business can be best achieved when the IT infrastructure supports that growth. Disparate and disconnected applications hinder expansion.

Food and beverage processors that receive a raw product directly from agricultural producers can benefit from incorporating ExtendAg into their business processes. Our customers are, typically, multi-facility food manufacturers of products based on potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, peas, beans, pears, berries, corn, carrots, and many other crops, that are seeking to continuously improve their business operations.

ExtendAg is a world-class cloud-based enterprise crop, raw product and grower management system. Beginning with grower contracting, crop estimating, and planting scheduling…all the way through pesticide compliance, raw product receiving, inventory, and supplier payments, it complements most ERP applications on the market today.

The system was developed specifically for first stage food processors, with tremendous flexibility built into it in order to conform to each business’s unique requirements and practices. The application is deployed over the Internet and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

It delivers real and tangible value with the help of a highly experienced team of professionals who understand the challenges of transforming a raw product into either finished goods or bulk ingredients for further manufacturing.

Simply by introducing a single system to manage the crop, raw product, and growers, ExtendAg delivers operational efficiencies across the entire supply side of the enterprise. One system. One truth.

But it also enables managers to view data in real-time thereby providing the opportunity for better informed and timely decision-making. It mitigates risk and assists in protecting the brand through inherent food safety, compliance, and traceability options. Ultimately, it is a tool that no person, whether CEO, COO, CFO, plant, agriculture, finance or information technology manager can afford to do without.

ExtendAg determines pricing by the modules required and crop type(s), and dependent upon the number of people and facilities in the organization that requires access to it. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, it is available for an annual subscription fee--as opposed to a fixed and up-front capital investment. Implementation, training, data transfer, system enhancements and testing services are billed on an “as needed” basis at a reasonable rate. Our customers tell us that the return they experience in integrating ExtendAg into their businesses far exceeds the system price, and their employees appreciate utilizing this valuable tool.