Saving time means saving money and ExtendAg does both for financial managers. Audits, supplier pricing and payments as well as WIP cost accounting are less time consuming due to the increased accuracy of raw product data and streamlining grower accounting procedures.

Controllers and Finance Managers have to deal with

Outdated software and hardware increasing downtime risk, legacy systems that are tedious and inefficient, contract pricing not optimized for growers and service providers due to limited functionality, standalone and custom applications introduce data entry errors and inaccuracies, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) out-of-compliance systems. 

ExtendAg is the premier supply side grower accounting and financial system on the market today for food and beverage processing businesses. The company has successfully developed accounting systems for several decades. The system is fully auditable, using time-stamping and operator identity logging for recording both original data and corrections.

Grower contracting, raw product receiving and grading, raw product inventory, grower and hauler payment calculations, along with raw product cost accounting, are functions of the software that financial managers can use to assist them in the efficient performance of their jobs.

Companies that work directly with suppliers of fruit (such as peaches, pears, apricots, apples, grapes and berries) and vegetables (such as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn and carrots) have successfully integrated ExtendAg into their businesses.

Any and all accounting personnel can have limited or full access to current, accurate information regarding grower, harvester and hauler payments, as well as raw product costing figures.  Receiving, weighing, and grading personnel use the system to automate these processes.

This world-class web-based product is supported by a highly experienced team of professionals that includes software technicians, accountants and IT experts who understand the challenges of transforming a raw product into either finished goods or bulk ingredients.

Accountants and financial managers spend far less time in preparing grower statements and production cost figures than they did with their legacy systems.

Growers can receive their statements via the Internet, thereby eliminating the need to print and mail documents. Integration with ERP accounts payable systems enables automation of the fund's transfer process.

Payment algorithm flexibility enables “what if pricing” analysis of possible contract modifications that can further motivate growers to deliver better quality product, thereby improving processing yields and decreasing costs.

ExtendAg pricing is determined by modules required and crop type(s), and dependent upon the number of people and facilities in the organization that requires access to it. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, it is available for an annual subscription fee--as opposed to a fixed and up-front capital investment. Implementation, training, data transfer, system enhancements and testing services are billed on an “as needed” basis at a reasonable rate. Our customers tell us that the return they experience in integrating ExtendAg into their businesses far exceeds the system price, and their employees appreciate utilizing this valuable tool.