Spreadsheets, custom databases, "one off" applications, legacy systems, obsolete platforms and aging hardware are what keep technology service experts up at night. ExtendAg simplifies the job of maintaining the consistent flow of valuable crop, raw product and grower information.

IT Managers are presented with a host of issues

Obsolete applications on aging computers and platforms, increased risk of hardware and software failures, rising service and maintenance costs, data integrity issues.

Often the task of supporting these legacy systems falls on an already-stretched-too-thin IT department, with potentially limited knowledge of the legacy systems themselves (other than having access to the source code).

ERP systems are not good solutions for the supply side of the business. Their reliance on data from sources that include custom databases or applications for purposes of cost accounting and grower payments requires intensive data validation and error checking.

Food and beverage processors that receive a raw product directly from agricultural producers can benefit from incorporating ExtendAg into their business processes. Our customers are, typically, multi-facility food manufacturers of products based on potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, peas, beans, pears, berries, corn, carrots and many other crops, that are seeking to continuously improve their business operations.

ExtendAg is a world class, cloud-based, enterprise-wide, supply side complement to many ERP applications on the market today.

Functionality of the fully-integrated system includes Grower Contracting, Crop Estimating, Planting Schedules (Annual Crops), Food Safety and Pesticide Compliance, Harvest Tracking, Raw Product Receiving and Grading, Raw Product Inventory and Grower/Hauler Payments.

The system was developed specifically for first-stage food processors, with tremendous flexibility built into it in order to conform to each business’s unique requirements and practices.

Our support and technology team works closely with processors’ IT personnel to guarantee maximum up-time for many mission-critical functions. We understand data integration as well as anyone in the industry and become a valuable extension of corporate IT departments’ own staff

Cost reductions can only be achieved through a decreasing reliance on dated hardware and software applications. What may have been an acceptable crop, raw product and grower management solution years ago is now costing more in maintenance and service costs than a more robust cloud-based application today.

Ultimately, doing more with less can only be achieved through an outsourced solution that allows IT managers the opportunity to focus on the downstream side of the business. The demands placed on IT for manufacturing, finished goods inventory, transportation and sales support and analytics services are not letting up. Freeing up those FTEs from devoting time to the agriculture or grower side of the business will result in a better return-on-investment.  

ExtendAg pricing is determined by modules required and crop type(s), and dependent upon the number of people and facilities in the organization that require access to it. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, it is available for an annual subscription fee--as opposed to a fixed and up-front capital investment. Implementation, training, data transfer, system enhancements and testing services are billed on an “as needed” basis at a reasonable rate. Our customers tell us that the return they experience in integrating ExtendAg into their businesses far exceeds the system price, and their employees appreciate utilizing this valuable tool.