Instead of the ag department “throwing the product over the wall” to your processing facility you can proactively manage the production of finished goods by having access to raw product quality and volume information anytime you need it.

Food and Beverage Plant Managers encounter many problems

Quality issues and fluctuations in harvest timing of the crop can disrupt operations and add costs to that case, bin, bottle or package that are not within the control of the plant manager.

Disconnected systems are problematic in that they do not provide transparency and visibility to incoming product, resulting in operational inefficiencies, unmet quality standards and Increased costs of production. 

Companies that are faced with the challenges of converting a raw product to a finished good or ingredient are good candidates for ExtendAg. Processors of fruit (such as peaches, pears, apricots, apples, grapes and berries) and vegetables (such as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn and carrots) have successfully integrated the application into their businesses.

ExtendAg is a comprehensive supply side management system that integrates with most ERP applications. Crop estimating, planting schedules (annual crops), harvest tracking, raw product receiving and grading, and raw product inventory are several of the functions that assist plant managers in the performance of their jobs.

Our people understand the business of food processing almost as well as you do. Besides delivering a product that is proven and full-featured, we provide excellent support and services when it is most critical to your business – during those busy production periods.

When most plant managers are reacting to the variability of the incoming raw product regarding both quantity and quality during the busy processing season, ExtendAg customers find that they can be proactive in the execution of their jobs. Production lines are run optimally, and the risk of stoppages are minimized.

ExtendAg pricing is determined by modules required and crop type(s), and dependent upon the number of people and facilities in the organization that require access to it. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, it is available for an annual subscription fee--as opposed to a fixed and up-front capital investment. Implementation, training, data transfer, system enhancements and testing services are billed on an “as needed” basis at a reasonable rate. Our customers tell us that the return they experience in integrating ExtendAg into their businesses far exceeds the system price, and their employees appreciate utilizing this valuable tool.