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From harvest tracking to receiving and grading, ExtendAg brings efficiency at every stage of getting raw product to the plant.

Complete visibility

Real-time data tracks and notifies you of raw product coming in while also recording the load’s quality and grade. Combine inherent food safety, compliance, and traceability options, and your plant is operating with absolute transparency.

One system

From field to processing plant, all activity is recorded within ExtendAg’s grower management system. Accessing all data from a single source results in less confusion, fewer errors, and overall greater efficiency.


A single, integrated solution is ideal for product traceability. Seeing each stage of a product’s journey to the plant empowers you to pinpoint issues with quality and avoid disruptions in your operations.

Plant Manager

Why ExtendAg?

ERP systems do a great job of managing the finished goods side of your business. ExtendAg integrates with your ERP system to provide all the tools you need to manage the supply side of your business.